Metuchen-Trenton-Burlington (MTB) Transmission Line

American Pile and Foundation was responsible for the drilled shaft portion of this project which supports the new 55 mile long overhead 230kV transmission line beginning in Metuchen, NJ, and passing through Trenton, NJ, and ending in Burlington, NJ. The project has 3 segments, Segment 1A, Segment 1B, and Segment 2. Segment 1A has 88 drilled shafts, Segment 1B has one hundred and 134 drilled shafts, and Segment 2 has one hundred and 135 drilled shafts. The project has had as many 8 drill rigs on site to complete work. However, most of the early stages of the project were completed with 6 drill rigs. The project also encountered some extremely hard diabase rock drilling in South Brunswick which required the use of specialized air tooling. The project has also utilized cranes and vibratory hammers to install permanent steel casing at multiple locations.