American Pile and Foundation, LLC (APF) is committed to the combined goal of safety, quality and productivity. The safety goals for this company and at each jobsite are zero accidents. Management strives to promote a workplace environment in which employees will be trained and motivated to work together with other employees for continuous improvement toward this goal.

APF’s Management will set a personal example for safe behavior, show its commitment to safety, and enforce safe operations and job procedures. Management practices will include: setting safety goals; establishing and monitoring safety accountability and discipline system; and planning for safety.

APF also expects employees to be responsible for their safety, as well as the safety of all employees and co-workers. All employees are expected to follow the guidelines outlined in the company Health & Safety Policy must be aware of and eliminate their own unsafe acts, and employees must identify and eliminate unsafe conditions, caused by their actions or the actions of others, before the unsafe conditions cause accidents.


njit parking garage dia ranging from 48 to 108 1

Drilled Foundations

ridgefield hpiles pipe piles helical piles

Driven Piles

rutgers academic bldg soil nail shotcrete wall 3

Support of Excavation

route 23 support of excavation

Design-Build, Specialty Foundations

rutgers life science building 6

Environmental, Grouting, Underpinning

harrison path station low headroom 42 dia cassons 1


njdot route 118 9 and 58 micropiles 1


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