Vice President

BJ has over 19 years of experience in drilling operations.  As the Vice President for American Pile, BJ is responsible for the planning and safe execution of multiple drilling operations and providing assistance to corporate and field-based management.   In addition, BJ is responsible for analyzing and designing drill plans according to data and rate of production.  He assists and supervises the drilling team and production personnel to execute the project in a safe and efficient manner.  His vast knowledge of drilled shafts, auger cast piles, mini-piles, secant piles, tangent walls, pressure grouting, rock anchors, tiebacks and various types of load testing stems from his background in Geotechnical Engineering and Geology.  This enables him to coordinate with specialists to assess site viability and coordinate with geologists and other professionals all while taking great care to preserve the natural environment in which American Pile is working. 


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Drilled Foundations

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Driven Piles

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Support of Excavation

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Design-Build, Specialty Foundations

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Environmental, Grouting, Underpinning

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